Tari Shen Mannello


For most of his life, Tari has prized the mind body connection, balance and artistic movement. 

In over a couple decades he has practiced several branches of yoga, dance, breath work and acrobatic arts such as handstands, hand to hand and sports acro.  Through his fascination with trust, connection and strength, Tari can base and fly nearly all of the acrobatic skills in his repertoire and therefore has a deep understanding of the roles of “top" and “porter.”

Outside of acrobatics Tari enjoys nature and animals, authentic connections, traveling the world and crafting delicious cuisine.  He has also spent several years living outside the U.S. and speaks three languages. 

Each day Tari strives to foster longevity and reach his full potential as an acrobat and person.  He aspires to bring a blend of dance and acrobatic elegance to audiences worldwide. Training with AcroArmy and Arthur Davis is a dream come true!