An elite performance team


athletic training program


based in the discipline of sports acrobatics

Our members are acrobats, gymnasts, dancers, yogis, contortionists, former cirque du soleil members, actors, & people gifted with A passion for acro FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD.  

acroarmy currently performs internationally and has made TV appearances on NBC, CBS, Hallmark, and live events such as The USA Olympic Gymnastics Trials, LA Fashion week, New Balance world congress, and private celebrity events.  ACROARMY was the 3rd place finalist on NBC's 9th season of America's Got Talent.



 Directors Arthur Davis III  & Renato TeroY WITH ACROARMY'S ELITE PERFORMANCE TEAM, JUNE 22ND, 2017 IN fOREST FALLS, CA.  photo by  carson.breen photography


photo by carson.breen photography

Arthur Davis III

two-time World Champion and seven-time National Champion in Acrobatic Gymnastics.

 USA Gymnastics named him Athlete of the Year 2003 and 2004 and inducted him into the Gymnastics Hall Of Fame in 2009.   He trained under the world renowned acrobatic coach Youri Vorobiev for his titles.  After retiring from Acrobatic Gymnastics he and his partner, Shenea Booth, formed Realis duo consulting and performing with Cirque du Soleil and many other companies worldwide.  In 2006 Realis was a top-ten finalist for America’s got Talent on NBC.  Davis and his partner also toured numerous years in over 25 countries around the world, guest starred on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Australia, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and were a part of the TJ Maxx Tour of Olympic Gymnastic Champions. Arthur has worked extensively choreographing for acrobatic gymnasts who have won multiple international and world titles with his routines.


Renato Teroy

performer and musician from San Francisco, by way of Los Angeles.

appeared in music videos, such as Katy Perry's "This is How We Do"(2013), multiple tv shows including a recurring role on NBC's "Heartbreaker" (2015), and countless commercials for TV and internet.  in 2008, he gained a small following of subscribers on his YouTube channel, JoshSource, which received attention from celebrities like Harry Styles, RuPaul, and Lady Gaga. Renato is a former resident DJ for What? Wednesday's at The Lookout in San Francisco's Castro District 2013, and repeat performer for LipService at The Abbey in West Hollywood 2016.


Arthur & Renato met in 2013.

They embarked on their creative partnership and formed ACROARMY soon after.  

ACROARMY competed and became the third place finalists on NBC's 9th season of ‘America’s Got Talent’, bringing acro to the largest audience in the history of the discipline. Together, outside of acroarmy, they also create competitive routines for most of usa's elite national acrobatic groups, host and direct The Realis crown regional acrobatic competition, and produce live and film performances.

In their creative partnership for AcroArmy, Arthur & Renato work on all aspects of athletic training, visual/aural art and professional performance.  Their goal is to create harmonious working relationships that manifest reciprocal abundance, life elevating art, and inclusive success on a universal scale.  Together, with their Army, they work to achieve that which is not possible alone.  


Shooting art straight to the heart